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A mission to create an environment where informed, connected complex care is not only conceivable, but achievable. We are passionate about transforming the way complex pharmacy patient care is delivered within the health system.

That’s why we have spent almost a decade building the foundation on which informed, connected pharmacy care can thrive. Founded, owned and operated by health system leaders, our goal is to create a world where manufacturers, health systems and payers have access to the integrated insights and programs they need improve complex pharmacy patient care.

This is not something in the distant future. It is being realized by our nationwide network of health system members and partners every day. We invite you to join us.

Our History


6 Health Systems form the Excelera Network

Challenges abound due to payer shutouts, lack of access to certain specialty drugs and an inability to address the complex data needs of manufacturers. Excelera was born out of the desire to provide integrated, coordinated care at the point of care to all specialty pharmacy patients within a health system.


Complex Patient Data Platform Developed

Excelera Complex Patient Data Platform v.1.0 data spec developed and available


Excelera Network Grows

Network Grows to 7 Members as health systems begin to see the value in a joining forces to address payer shutouts, lack of access to certain specialty drugs and the inability to address the complex data needs of manufacturers.


Excelera Expansion Continues

  • Network Grows to 8 Members
  • Dedicated staff and CEO put in place


LDD Contracts with Manufacturers Begin

As the Excelera Network reaches critical mass, manufacturers begin to contract with Excelera for LDD access.

  • Network Grows to 12 Members


Data Platform and Reporting Expands

In addition to Patient, Provider, Payer, Dispense and Claim data, we can also capture therapy management, interventions and diagnosis information.

  • Network Grows to 14 Members


Excelera Network members are gaining access to LDDs

  • Network Grows to 20 Members
  • Pharma Partnerships Expand to 10


Payer Relationships Expand

  • Network Grows to 21 Members


New Integrated Pharmacy Programs Introduced

Excelera introduces a health system centric PBM Solution,

  • Network Grows to 23 Members
  • Pharma Partnerships Increase to 30


Excelera Network Grows to almost 30 members

  • Excelera Network grows to 28 members


Excelera Joins Forces with Shields Health Solutions

  • Represents over 60 health systems nationwide spanning 43 states and 700+ hospitals
  • Unparalleled insights into best practices for integrating specialty pharmacy care across 30+ disease states
  • Unparalleled data which helps optimize care and improve outcomes for nearly 1 million patients with complex and chronic conditions

Our Mission

We believe passionately in the value of integrated patient care delivered by health systems. Along with our members, we are transforming the way health systems deliver care for complex pharmacy patients, resulting in an exceptional patient experience, improved health outcomes and reduced costs.


Our Vision

To demonstrate and elevate the value of integrated care within Excelera’s unified network of health systems by delivering innovative pharmacy programs, products and solutions powered by our best-in-class data platform. Our vision is…

  • Rooted in a nationwide health system network that supports millions of lives.
  • Powered by a complex patient data platform that captures longitudinal medical, pharmacy and cost of care data.
  • Activated through data-driven programs that break down barriers preventing informed decisions from taking place throughout the patient journey.


Our Values







Jared Wachter

Senior IT Security Engineer

Luke Borman, PharmD

Network Operations Manager

Diane Wolfe, RPh

National Director, Manufacturer Relations

Amy Swanson

Sr. Director of Product, Marketing & Member Relations

Sue Sobiech

Project/Implementation Manager

David Stitcher

Data Analyst

Jami Schell, PharmD, CSP

Director of Pharmaceutical Accounts

Jessica Sabraski

QA Manager

Zach Russell, PharmD, CSP

Director, Network Operations

Troy Polan

Chief Technology Officer / Interim CEO

Angela Ouyang

Pharma Analyst

Kayla Otterson, PharmD, CSP

Network Operations Manager

Sandra Mayasich

Vice President of Finance/Treasurer

Matt Maruska

Database Architect

Steve Larrabee

Infrastructure Manager

Kevin Greene

Data Analyst

Lana Gerzenshtein, PharmD, BCPS, CSP

Manager of Network Clinical Programs

Ben Duscher

Network Operations Manager

Dan Duhon

Database Operations Engineer

Sarah Camper

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

George Chresand, JD

Chief Administrative Officer / General Counsel

Gretchen Buschmann

Data Architect

Greg Boll, RPh

Director, Network Operations

Andrew Argeros

Data Science Intern

Join Our Team

ExceleraRx Corp. is looking for passionate, innovative, hard-working professionals. Our team has tremendous breadth, depth and diversity of knowledge, and many of our team members have background and experience working for a health system, pharmaceutical manufacturer or in an outpatient or retail pharmacy. We invite you to join us or one of our member health systems in our shared mission of transforming the way complex pharmacy patient care is delivered.

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