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The Excelera specialty pharmacy network is a member-owned national network of health systems and academic medical centers focused on optimizing care for complex patients through specialty pharmacy collaboration.

We believe that integrated health systems, along with their specialist physicians, are ideally equipped to produce optimal health and financial outcomes.

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coordinate care of
complex patients
manage the electronic
medical record
provide a high-touch,
local service


The Excelera Network Model for Members

The Excelera specialty pharmacy network is accelerating excellence in complex patient care by working with health systems and academic medical centers to assert control over specialty pharmacy care and costs. 

continuous care
Enhanced Patient Management
Complex patients receive
continuous care from an
integrated care team.
better patient care
Better Patient Outcomes
Fully integrated with care providers
who share the mission of creating
better patient outcomes.
Aggregate Data
The most robust, real-world data
to create an accurate picture of
drug efficacy and outcomes.
world class
Aggregate Reporting
Consistent implementation of
world-class care protocols
throughout its network.


Our membership process is straightforward and thorough:.

Assess Opportunity
Conduct Readiness Assessment
Provide Gap Analysis
Receive Member Benefits
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Excelera Specialty Pharmacy Network: Integrating Specialty Pharmacy; Impacting Outcomes