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“By joining the Excelera network, we are helping to advance patient care by providing specialty and limited availability medications in a more efficient and cost-effective way"

Vice President of Pharmacy Services | New Orleans, LA

The Excelera specialty pharmacy network is a member-owned national network of health systems and academic medical centers focused on optimizing care for complex patients through specialty pharmacy collaboration.


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Ochsner Specialty Pharmacy works with doctors, nurses and insurance companies to help patients get the medicines they need for difficult or ongoing (chronic) conditions. We are the largest health system specialty pharmacy in our region. Unlike your neighborhood pharmacy, we stock medications that can be difficult to find. In addition, we help patients get financial assistance to help pay for these drugs, which can sometimes get expensive. At Ochsner Specialty Pharmacy, we take some of the stress and fear out of taking medication. We’re here to answer your questions, such as:
  • How and when should I take my medicine?
  • Will my medicine affect other drugs I’m taking?
  • What, if any, side effects should I be watching for?

Getting a prescription filled is only the first step to getting well. We’re here to give you the information and support you need to follow your doctor’s orders and stay on track.

Our Mission
Ochsner Specialty Pharmacy will serve the patient as first priority and act with compassion, integrity, excellence and teamwork to improve our patients’ outcomes.

Our Vision
Ochsner Specialty Pharmacy provides an innovative and integrated approach to care for patients. We will shape the future of healthcare by customizing patient services with comprehensive resources in collaboration with the healthcare team to provide an exceptional patient experience.



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