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Integrated delivery networks and academic medical centers are ideally positioned to manage complex patients and their specialty pharmacy needs. In fact, this is where most complex patients receive care.

A single health system might not have large enough patient volume to access limited distribution drugs used in very small populations. The Excelera specialty pharmacy network creates a larger volume of complex patients more attractive for your channel distribution strategy.


Our Data Solutions Meet Manufacturers Needs

Excelera builds and maintains data solutions on behalf of its members to better serve agreements with pharmaceutical manufacturers. The platform is designed to ensure the completeness, integrity and accuracy of all member Specialty Pharmacy data. 

Excelera’s data solution performs the following functions as required by manufacturers for data agreements:

  • Securely retrieves up-to-date data from member health systems

  • Operates as a single data source for member data agreements

  • Automates transfer activities on behalf of members to partners

  • Validates data against manufacturer requirements for field completeness and format

  • Aggregates, transforms and standardizes data into one unified data set per manufacturer specifications

  • Produces aggregate reporting and benchmarking on key performance metrics

Excelera periodically updates and enhances its data set as necessary to serve the needs of its members and manufacturing partners. Excelera’s existing data set contains the types of elements which match those required by known industry specifications.

Single Point Contracting and Contract Performance

In addition to data capabilities, Excelera has invested in resources that are required to successfully negotiate, contract, and implement relationships with manufacturers, namely:

  • Contracting / documentation

  • Relationship management

  • Sales

  • Implementation of contract and performance

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The Excelera model brings together a national network of approved health system specialty pharmacies to provide manufacturers a single point of entry. This strategic partnership includes reporting, communication and contracting.  

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