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for better care of complex patients
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management of complex patients
Enhance your adherence, quality and safety
initiatives with aggregate robust data
Demonstrate value to your clients with
quality-focused specialty pharmacy solutions

Excelera is a national network of health systems with specialty pharmacy capability

Excelera members ensure the delivery of comprehensive care to complex patients at the point of care while improving outcomes and decreasing overall health care costs.

Excelera members optimize care to complex patients by:

Employing innovative care protocols

Providing consistently high levels of service

Utilizing sophisticated data management systems

Integrating all providers at their local point of care

"Partnering with Excelera to develop our specialty pharmacy operations is a win for our most complex patients, who will receive comprehensive specialty services more expeditiously than if we were to go it alone”
“Specialty drugs represent the fastest-growing segment of health care today...the Excelera network helps with access and careful management so that our health system will not incur costs due to inappropriate or ineffective use"
“This partnership is designed to help us develop a national specialty drug network that is focused on better outcomes for our patients who so desperately need these medications"
"Health systems have an enormous new opportunity to improve quality of care, value and financial performance by retaining their complex patients for specialty pharmacy"
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