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Leverage Our Complex Patient Data Platform

Achieve competitive advantage and exponential value for your company

Our market-leading data platform integrates medical, pharmacy and patient journey data to provide unsurpassed visibility into complex patient populations and consistent access to highly accurate, standardized data and actionable insights.

Data Platform Benefits


Access the most robust specialty pharmacy and complex patient data platform in the industry — providing rich insights that can be leveraged to improve the quality and reduce the cost of integrated care.


Benefit from access to centralized data and reporting that satisfies pharma, payer, accreditation and other industry requirements.


Members of our high-performing network receive detailed benchmarking data, reports and dashboards that can be used to optimize performance in your pharmacy and across your health system.

Technology Infrastructure

As the industry continues to realize the power of data solutions, Excelera has invested significant resources into our data platform.

  • Our data platform provides consistent, validated, meaningful complex data for a nationwide network of health systems
  • Excelera data and reporting provides a significant competitive advantage and exponential value for its customers
  • EMR data supports manufacturer strategies, payer reporting and outcomes programs


Complex Patient Data Platform Timeline

The Excelera data and technology platform combines dispensing, therapy management and electronic medical record (EMR) data into a single, robust database that can demonstrate real-world downstream benefits of care and support deeper analysis and ad hoc reporting of specific disease states.

As the industry continues to realize the power of data solutions, Excelera has invested significant resources into the data platform.


When Excelera is involved from the start for a drug program, there is an immediate, significant difference in the workload required for program initiation. The established master service agreement, business associate agreement and data submission link reduce what would normally be a lengthy process, saving huge amounts of time and resources on our end. Excelera is always our first choice for data aggregation and reporting services. VP, PHARMA STRATEGY & RELATIONS, FAIRVIEW PHARMACY SERVICES

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