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Leading health systems and academic medical centers leverage our network, complex patient data platform and integrated pharmacy programs to improve patient outcomes.

The Excelera Network is founded, owned and operated by health system leaders who are passionate about improving patient outcomes, managing risk and enhancing the patient journey. By joining our network and leveraging our integrated pharmacy care programs, health systems can rapidly build, operationalize and optimize their own specialty pharmacies; increase access to medications for complex patients; capture actionable medical, pharmacy and patient journey data; gain access to payers; and participate in one of the industry’s only health system-centric PBM Solutions.

Health System Programs & Benefits

Payer access program

Working with specialty pharmacy and health systems-managed care teams to open doors to restricted payer networks enables continuity of care for complex pharmacy patients.

Learn about our payer access program
Specialty pharmacy Startup & Optimzation

Benefit from our years of experience building out and optimizing health system-based specialty pharmacies nationwide. We offer the best practices and benchmark data health systems need to quickly establish an owned specialty pharmacy.

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Limited distribution drug (LDD) program

Enables health systems to participate in Excelera Network agreements with drug manufacturer partners to gain access to limited distribution drugs (LDDs).

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Integrated data platform

Our comprehensive complex patient data platform provides rich insights and access to centralized data and reporting that satisfies drug manufacturer, payer, accreditation and other industry requirements.

Learn about our data and reporting capabilities
Home infusion program

Provides health systems with a blueprint enabling them to establish and operate a home infusion pharmacy — as well as generate additional revenue from ancillary infusion services.

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Health system-centric pbm solution

Aligns with the best interests of health systems, enabling them to secure control of formulary, clinical protocols and pharmacy networks to drive the lowest net cost for clinically appropriate therapy.

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Excelera’s model of health system-based specialty pharmacies is ideal for ensuring appropriate utilization of these limited distribution therapies with the highest standards of quality and safety. EVP and CFO, Intermountain Healthcare

An ambitious timeline prompted Banner Health’s engagement with Excelera. Specialty pharmacy and home delivery/central fill capabilities were rapidly developed and implemented.

Goals regarding access to LDD and payer contracts, data aggregation and reporting, and benchmarking were also met.

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White Paper

Health Systems Working Together Strengthen Their In-House Specialty Pharmacy Capabilities and Optimize Patient Care

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This white paper provides background on the specialty pharmacy market, describes the role of health systems in specialty pharmacy care, acknowledges the challenges they face, and outlines the benefits of joining a network of health systems to address these challenges.

  • Health systems are ideally suited to caring for complex patients.
  • Limited drug access, pharmacy benefit carve-outs, and other structural issues can disrupt care.
  • The Excelera Network model offers a solution for launching or optimizing specialty pharmacy capabilities.
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